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The origins of Kundalini Yoga are shrouded in the mists of the dawn of civilization on the Indian sub-continent.

    The divine power,
    Kundalini, shines
    like the stem of a young lotus;
    like a snake, coiled round upon herself
    she holds her tail in her mouth
    and lies resting half asleep
    as the base of the body.

Yoga Kundalini Upanishad (1.82)

Coiled Serpent

The psychic energy symbolized by the serpent form retained by being wound into a 'closed circuit'.

(Rajasthan, 18th century, ink and color on paper)

Kundalini Sakti, coiled and dormant 'feminine' energy, is the vast potential of psychic energy contained within us all. It is normally symbolized as a serpent coiled into three and a half circles, with its tail in its mouth, and spiralling around the central axis (sacrum or sacred bone) at the base of the spine. The awakening of this serpent and the manifestation of its powers is a primary aim of the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

We do know that the basic techniques evolved in the monasteries of India & Tibet over a period of thousands of years. There the rishis systematically tested and perfected the precise movements, postures, sounds and breathing that activate different parts of the body and brain to produce specific results.

Kundalini as a Serpent!

Kundalini with Sakti in the fire altar, symbolizing the element fire associated with the Manipura or Navel Chakra.

(Rajasthan. c. 19th century, gouache on paper)

The object of the practice of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the serpent, Sakti. When she is ready to unfold, she ascends through the spinal chakras to unite above the crown of the head with Siva, the Pure Consciousness pervading the whole universe.

Within the folds of Devi, the Cosmic Energy, rests Siva, the foundational Consciousness. Devi (or Kundalini) is the primordial power active in the great drama of the awakening of the unmanifested Siva.

(Pahari School, c. 18th century, gouache on paper)

The above pictures and some of the descriptive content were taken from
"Kundalini - The Arousal of the Inner Engergy",
Prof. Ajit Mookerjee, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont 05767. ISBN 0-89281-020-3

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