Introducing Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Ground-breaking author, teacher, and teacher of teachers, Guru Rattana, Ph.D. has followed a committed spiritual path since the age of 25. She studied Hatha Yoga for 8 years, trained in Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan since the age of 32 and has studied Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Gong, all of which have contributed to her spiritual awakening and life as a writer and teacher.

Guru Rattana - relaxing between classes in Turkey.

Her International Teaching Tours have taken her to England, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Montenegro and Croatia, and include an annual Gift of Womanhood Retreat. She is lead trainer and co-creator of KRIYA Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Courses, registered with Yoga Alliance.

She is author of four of the original Kundalini Yoga and Meditation manuals, based on lecture notes taken during Yogi Bhajan's early classes, receiving his full moral support and encouragement during their compilation and publication. Beautifully illustrated by Ann Marie Maxwell, these large format comb-bound books, containing hundreds of Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations, continue to be world-wide best sellers. She now has a total of 12 titles in print (see below). Transitions to a Heart Centered World has been translated into Spanish, Italian. Russian and Chinese. The Gift of Womanhood is available in German (Die Gabe Frau zu sein) from Sat Nam Europe.

eBook versions are now available for many of her titles.

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Transitions to a Heart Centered World - Guru Rattana PhD
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 1 - Guru Rattana PhD
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 2 - Guru Rattana PhD
Your Life is in Your Chakras - Guru Rattana PhD
Relax and Renew, 2nd Edition - Guru Rattana PhD
The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World - Guru Rattana PhD
The Gift of Womanhood - Guru Rattana PhD
Sexuality and Spirituality - Guru Rattana PhD
The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga - Guru Rattana PhD
The Power of Neutral - Guru Rattana PhD
Sing to Your Soul - Guru Rattana PhD
Transiciones Hacia un Mundo Centrado en el Corazon - Guru Rattana PhD

She writes regularly to her Guru Rattana Blog – articles about Kundalini Yoga, spiritual awakening and astrology. There is a subscription option so that you can be notified of new articles as they appear.

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Biographical Notes

Following receipt of a MA from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Guru Rattana earned a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Her thesis was the first study on international environmental co-operation. While in Geneva, she also worked for the United Nations Environment Program.

She went on to pursue an academic career, teaching International Environment and Development Studies at Dartmouth College, MIT, and New Hampshire College.

February 1977 she attended a lecture at Boston College by Yogi Bhajan, who was to have a profound influence on her life. He explained that with the practice of Kundalini Yoga anyone can develop a consciousness that liberates them from being controlled and manipulated. She realized that awakened consciousness is a necessary prerequisite for real political, social, and personal transformation.

Following the lecture, she attended her first 3 day White Tantric Course with Yogi Bhajan and soon began teaching Kundalini Yoga to her students at Dartmouth College.

Guru Rattana Prague Workshop 2017

In 1985 she moved to San Diego where she taught Philosophies of Life and European History at the U.S. International University. She lived in Palo Alto between 1994-1998 where she taught two Kundalini yoga and meditation courses: Your Life Is In Your Chakras and Balancing Male-Female Polarities at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She was also invited to teach Kundalini Yoga at Stanford University as part of the Health Improvement Program. For many years, she taught at the Khalsa Woman's Training Camp and the 3HO Summer Solstice Celebration in New Mexico. She has lived and taught in San Diego since 1999.

Over the years, Guru Rattana has given hundreds of workshops and classes on personal empowerment, featuring Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Her unique presentation incorporates a profound understanding of spiritual principles and human growth, and the transmutation of emotional energy into higher awareness. Each class is a milestone in consciousness.

A pioneering teacher, she uniquely synthesizes the basic techniques from the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, incorporating insights from astrology, numerology, and principles from the internal martial arts - Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

Guru Rattana, Thank you for your encouragement. I am deeply grateful for the strong, clear spirit with which you sustain and invigorate us all. Your thoroughly sane and intelligent approach to spiritual practice and life in general is truly uplifting. It is a great tribute to Yogiji that he has spawned a generation of self-motivated, God-centered spiritual practitioners, such as you, who have benefited so much from his teachings that they are able to stand in their own strong and clear consciousnesses and serve as beacons of truth and light to new generations of seekers." –

Her life is devoted to experiencing higher meaning, feeling more and more alive, and establishing a spiritual connection with her Soul and the Divine. Thanks to her committed daily Sadhana, she is able to help others experience their own spiritual upliftment and Universal Connection.

Guru Rattana firmly believes that in higher consciousness and the heart, we can find solutions to all world problems. As we elevate our consciousness and become personally empowered, we transform our lives, relationships, and environments. Her life is devoted to helping people move beyond ego and fear to an experience of their Soul Self and the Divine in all life and to make their unique contribution to the world.

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