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kundalini yoga

Basic Concepts

What is the Kundalini ?

What is Kundalini Yoga ?

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What Is the Kundalini?
by Guru Rattana Ph.D.

Kundalini is the energy of our soul.

    Kundalini is the energy of consciousness.
    Kundalini is the awareness of the higher self.
    Kundalini is our emanation of infinity.
    Kundalini is the energy of the cosmos within each individual.

Kundalini is our creative energy

    Kundalini is imagined as a coiled serpent lying asleep at the base of our spine.
    Kundalini is the dormant energy within us that expands our awareness.
    Kundalini is the greatness of which we are each capable.

When we tap our Kundalini what do we become aware of?

    We become aware of our creative capacities and our radiant caliber.
    We become aware of our finite relationship with infinity.
    Kundalini makes it possible for us as humans with finite identities to relate to

      our infinite identities.

What makes it possible to experience Kundalini energy?

    When the glandular system is activated and the nervous system is strong

      the energies of the two systems combine to create
        a movement or flow in the spinal fluid
        a sensitivity in the nerve endings.
    The " brain in its totality receives signals and integrates them."

What is the result?

    A new clarity expands our perceptions.
    We understand the effect and impact of an action before we take it.
    We are at choice whether to act or not to act.
    Awareness brings choice.
    Choice brings freedom.

Is Kundalini energy necessary?

    We cannot live without a constant flow of Kundalini energy.
    The difference is the amount of the flow.
    When there is an abundant flow of Kundalini

      our mind awakens from its long nap
      we stop living in imaginary realities
      we become committed to our purpose and our service
      we enjoy the abundant pleasures of life.

*** The Ascent and the Descent ***

The Kundalini is always present as an innate part of who we are.

    The human system was built to sustain the awakening of Kundalini energy.
    The question is "Are we using the full extent of this capacity?"

What is the flow of the Kundalini?

    The energy of the Kundalini is released from the navel center.
    It rises to the crown chakra at the top of the head.
    The energy then descends down the chakras to the base of the spine.
    After reaching the root chakra it returns to the navel center.

The ascent is the path of enlightenment.

    It is the experience that the reality of God exists within each of us.
    The raising of the Kundalini is the uncoiling of God consciousness.
    It is witnessing the reality of the unlimited power that is the essence of our soul.

The descent is the path of manifestation.

    The chakras open in the descent.
    As the chakras open

      our essence is consolidated into our character
      our gifts are integrated into our behavior and actions
      our talents become a practical part of our human life.
    The descent of the Kundalini is awakening to our potential.
    It is bringing the awareness of God or Christ consciousness into the activities of
      our daily lives.

The path of enlightenment is the raising of the Kundalini.

    The path of manifestation is the descent of the Kundalini.
    The path of liberation is both the ascent and the descent.
    The path of liberation is the completion of the full cycle.

Kundalini is about

    and liberation.

Poem 469, August 17, 1997. Copyright by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.


What Is Kundalini Yoga?
by Guru Rattana Ph.D.

Yoga is about relationship.

    What is the nature of our relationship?
    Yoga is the science of creating a relationship between the human and the infinite.
    Yoga is the art of merging our individual energy with universal energy.

Yoga means to join together or to unite.

    What are we trying to unite with?
    Yoga is the union of the individual's consciousness with universal consciousness.

*** The Yoga of Awareness ***

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology designed to expand our awareness.

    Our capacities and choices are determined by our awareness.
    As we expand our awareness

      we are able to go beyond our perceived conscious limits
      we are empowered to make more daring choices
      we have the energy to create bountiful and exciting lives.

Kundalini yoga is about tapping our infinite potential.

    Within every human is the capacity to be outrageously creative.
    Within every human mind is the reality of the infinite.
    How do we expand our capacity and realize our divine caliber?
    We bring all aspects of our being-

      our mental faculties
      our emotional energy and
      our physical structure
        into equilibrium and alignment.
    As we do so we open up our capacity
      to experience
      to express
      to share
        our infinite Self.

Kundalini yoga is about understanding who we really are.

    What does it mean to be a human being?
    Normally we experience ourselves in very limited ways.
    We have the habit of seeing ourselves through very restricted lens.
    Kundalini yoga awakens us

      to our Soul
      to our original Self
      to our infinite origin and identity.
    Kundalini yoga offers us the gift of Self.

Kundalini yoga is about the unfoldment of our true nature.

    What blocks our growth?--

      attachments to the familiar and to the past
      fear of change and the unknown
      limited and restrictive beliefs
      self-destructive habits
      the inability to let go of old feelings and wounds
      the feeling that something is lacking or wrong with us.

The practice of Kundalini yoga

    breaks our attachments
    makes the unknown known
    expands our perception of reality
    gives us the strength to eliminate unhealthy habits and substitute healthy ones
    heals our wounds with the power of love
    gives us the experience that we are complete and whole.

*** The Yoga of Experience ***

Kundalini yoga is about direct, personal experience.

    The thoughts and ideas of our mind cannot sustain us.
    Knowledge becomes real wisdom only when we have experienced it

      in our own heart
      in our own body
      in our full being.
    It is the experience of this integrated wisdom that
      ultimately sustains and
      consistently supports

 Kundalini yoga is about practical, expanded experience.

    No amount of words can replace or equal experience.
    Our consciousness is not changed by mere words.
    It is through experience that positive habits are formed.
    It is through experience that the horizon of our awareness is broadened.
    It is through experience that we

      radiate joy
      express creativity
      embody spirit
        in our human life.

Kundalini yoga is about truthful and joyful action.

    To simply know the truth does not assure that we can act upon it.
    To discover the truth at the core of our being

      gives us the ability to follow the path of our heart.
    When we are able to act from our heart-felt truth, we experience
      fulfillment within ourselves
      success in our lives
      bliss in our existence.
    The joy of acting from our truth is one of the sacred gifts of being human.

*** Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Living ***

Kundalini Yoga offers us techniques to stay HEALTHY.

    to build a strong immune system
    to keep our glands vital
    to nurture a strong nervous system
    to maintain good circulation.

A healthy body gives us the energy to fully live our lives.

    Our physical foundation helps us deal calmly and gracefully with the

      mental, emotional and spiritual facets of our lives.
    There is nothing more fabulous than feeling good in our bodies.

Kundalini Yoga offers us techniques to be HAPPY.

    As we develop our intuition

      we recognize what is real
      we uncover what is important to us
      we sense our innate organization and direction
      our inner compass leads us toward our goals.

 The journey of life is always full of challenges.

    Happiness is knowing we are on our path.
    Happiness is being able to confront our challenges as they arise.
    Happiness is a serene contentment that accompanies us along the way.

Kundalini Yoga makes us feel HARMONIOUS and whole.

    Kundalini yoga activates the dormant potential of the brain.
    The pineal gland must secrete to experience the Kundalini.
    The pineal gland is the master gland, the seat of the soul.
    We must also tap the reserve energy that is stored near the navel point.
    The pure energy at the navel connects us to the Earth.
    This pure energy must uncoil and connect with our pineal gland.
    When the two energies connect

      we have the power to attain self-realization
      we have the capacity to discover our relationship to total universal

When our finite being is at peace with our infinite Source

    we feel securely connected to our Mother the Earth
    we live in harmony with the universe
    we feel whole, complete and at one with all living things.


*** An Opportunity to Excel ***

The practice of Kundalini yoga makes it possible

    to transform our limitations

      so that the natural flow of the cosmic current can pass through us
    to retrain and rebuild ourselves
      so that we can enjoy the magnificent process of awakening
    to develop the discipline and the consciousness
      to optimally tune into and utilize divine energy.

Kundalini yoga offers us the opportunity

    to go beyond our self-imposed limitations that originate from

      poor habits
      unconscious living
      erroneous beliefs.

The practice of Kundalini yoga gives us the chance

    to experience who we already are
    to witness infinity in our every day lives
    to return home to our own heart.

Kundalini yoga trains us in the inner science of the Self.

    It helps us prioritize our inner and outer worlds.
    It helps us achieve balance and integrity in all aspects of our life.
    It helps us establish a synthesis between body, mind and spirit.

In the union of our whole being we achieve

    effectiveness and

      in our daily lives.

*** A Renewed Life ***

Kundalini yoga helps us stop the inner war

    that causes stress and distress
    that wastes so much energy and life force

      so that we can experience inner
        clarity and

Kundalini yoga allows us to establish a state of mind

    where we are conscious of ourselves
    where we can act from this consciousness
    where we cease to be the puppets of external and emotional stimuli
    where we intuitively know the effects of an action before we take it
    where we mindfully take control of our thoughts and actions
    where we make our choices from knowing who we are.

Kundalini yoga offers us the techniques to establish the physical, mental and emotional strength and integration that makes it possible

    to release our fears and insecurities
    to experience our inner divinity
    to met our challenges creatively
    to experience each stage of life with grace and gratitude (54)
    to live our life resourcefully and passionately.

Kundalini yoga is a discipline that helps us

    alter and cultivate consciousness
    achieve mental as well as physical flexibility
    heighten our spiritual awareness and presence
    find higher meaning and purpose in life.

Kundalini yoga is about establishing a conscious relationship between our finite personality and our infinite soul.

    It is the science of strengthening our radiance that gives us

      a greater capacity
      a positive projection
      an expanded impact
      a rich and fulfilled life.

*** The Universal Law ***

It is the law that during our lifetime we will meet the opportunities to do our destiny.

    Kundalini yoga opens up our awareness and receptivity

      so that we can recognize the opportunities when they appear
      so that we can sustain our commitment to our soul.

Poem 468 August 16, 1997 Copyright by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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