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An Introductory Course, Designed and Written by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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The healing meditation done with the mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG is one of Yogi Bhajan's most popular meditations. This meditation can be done alone or in a group for self-healing and to heal others and the world. Those who practice this meditation participate in anchoring the healing vibration on the planet.

I first led this meditation with a group of eleven students for Yogi Bhajan at a Winter Solstice Celebration in the early 1980's. We wanted to give back to him for all that we were receiving from him. Later this meditation was done as part of the routine of every White Tantric Meditation Course around the world, to send healing energy to Yogi Bhajan. It was the meditation that he requested when he needed our healing prayers.

I remember when I first learned this meditation in the late 70's when I was living in Boston. I did it when I started to feel like the flu was coming on. To my amazement the sick symptoms disappeared. This has become one of my favorite meditations ever since. I did it every evening before dinner for almost 20 years. I dedicated the healing vibration to healing the Earth and anyone else in need at the time, and above all to Yogi Bhajan in gratitude for sharing the life-changing technology of Kundalini Yoga with me and with the world.

You can do this meditation whenever you feel the need and the inspiration or you can do it for 40 days or longer. Like with any spiritual practice, it is beneficial to complement the process with conscious living and regular Kundalini Yoga practice.

You can start your 40 days whenever you like. However, the New Moon is a good time to begin a meditation. Somehow it is easier to sustain the commitment by commencing a spiritual practice on the New Moon or between the New Moon and the Full Moon. Try this especially if you are having a hard time continuing a practice for 40 days.

Healing Meditation Instructions

Yogi Bhajan said that the mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG is one of the most powerful healing mantras on the planet. The power of this mantra comes from its ability to connect earth and ether. This mantra is used in many of his meditations. Below I explain one of the most popular ones.

RA MA DA SA is the earth mantra.

This part of the mantra pulls the healing vibration into the physical plane.

SA SAY SO HUNG is the ether mantra.

This part of the mantra resonates with the universal healing frequency.

RA - Sun
MA - Moon
DA - Earth
SA - Infinity
SAY - totality of infinity
SO HUNG - I am Thou

Activating the Chakras

The mantra can be vibrated up the spine, chakra by chakra. Slightly pull on the energy centers as you chant each sound. This internal stimulation helps activate and align the chakras.

RA - base of spine
MA - belly (ma aa)
DA - navel center
SA - heart
Pause - hold at heart
SA - heart
SAY - throat ( say ay)
SO - third eye
HUNG - out the top of the head

To Begin

Set your intentions and ask for healing for yourself, others you wish to include, the Earth and Yogi Bhajan. Then release these prayers to the Universe. During the meditation concentrate only on doing it, the mantra and the effects you are experiencing. Get into the sensory experience and awareness. The more you are present to your experience, the more effective you are in creating a sacred healing space. You will use the space that you have created at the end to share healing energy.

healing meditation


Sit in Easy Pose (or full lotus) with your upper arms resting against your ribs, slightly in from the sides. The elbows are bent, and your forearms positioned upward and slightly angled out from the upper arms. Your palms are flat, facing upward and pointed out from your body at a 45-degree angle. (to form a 45% angle point the hands are over the legs toward the knees.)
The fingers are together with the thumbs stretched out towards the side away from the fingers.

It is very important to stretch the thumb away from the fingers. The stretch in the webbing keeps the hands flat and helps maintain a stretch at the wrist. You can use one hand to push down the other hand in order to get a feel of the correct stretch in the wrist. It is this stretch that helps balance the brain. When the thumb is not stretched, the wrist relaxes, the hands move upward and the mudra and its effects are compromised. When the mudra is accurately done, you will feel energy or a pull in the center of the palms. This creates the power to heal with your hands.

Your eyes are focused at the tip of your nose and the eyelids are nine-tenths closed. The focus at the tip of the nose, creates the pressure to cross the optic nerves at the third eye. You should be able to feel an awareness at the third eye and be able to hold your attention there.


The mantra is to be chanted in either of the following two versions:

music for healing meditation
  1. Inhale deeply and chant the mantra all in one breath - Ra Ma DA SA SA Say So Hung. There is a pause between the two SAs, but NO breath. Adjust the speed so that you can chant the full mantra on one breath, without a cheat breath on the pause.
  2. MA and SAY are slurred making two notes each, "MA AA", "SAY AY". The first SA is short. HUNG is forcefully vibrated in the skull and out the top of the head.

Chant for 11, 15, 22 or 31 minutes.

Effects and Powers

This meditation gives one the power to heal long distance and to heal with the hands.

To End:

Now is the time to use the healing space that you have created.
Inhale deeply and hold the breath. While the breath is held, concentrate on yourself and feel the sensations in your body. Feel or allow the vibration of the mantra to penetrate every cell of your body. Feel the mantra continue to resonate in your body. Become the healing vibration. Allow yourself to be healed and uplifted.

Repeat the above process 3 or more times with the following variations:

  1. Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Feel the healing love pulse in your heart. Invite in friends, members of your family and situations and allow them to be bathed in the healing vibration. Hold them in your body, in your heart and in the healing vibration that you now resonate with and embody.
  2. Inhale deeply and hold the breath again. Feel that your heart is so big and the love so infinite that you can hold the whole earth in your heart. Let the earth pulse with the mantra and be healed with this love.
  3. Inhale deeply and hold the breath for a last time. Invite Yogi Bhajan, the Dalai Lama, Guru Ram Das, Christ, Krishna, Mother Mary, or any other elevated being into your heart. Be very attentive and feel deeply.

The above sequence can vary according to what you are intuitively directed to do

Another thing to do is to feel the Sun or a golden light in you heart:

End with the prayer "God bless this Earth with peace." Repeat five times.

Enhancing and Holding Sacred Space

I used to project healing energy to others and the earth. Over the years I shifted to holding the space inside me and allowing the healing to take place inside my expanded space. This works better for me. It feels more powerful, I can maintain my center and concentration and I do not lose energy.

Here a few ideas on how to enhance and hold a sacred space for healing.

Experience the Power of the Group

It is always more powerful to do any meditation or yoga practice with a group. Our individual energies merge to create a powerful healing vortex that supports everyone present. Invite friends to do this and other meditations with you. And even if they do not choose to chant, they can lie there and receive the healing energy. It always feels good to share like this.

Healing is a Frequency

A vibrational shift is required to create transformation. This mantra creates a frequency where healing is possible. Be aware that you are raising the vibration to create a shift. Then practice holding the vibration to sustain the healing and transformation.

Elevate your Consciousness

The cause of all existential pain and suffering is in our consciousness. We release our pain by expanding our consciousness. Use this meditation, and all meditations, to elevate your consciousness. We use divine mantras to elevate the frequency of our minds to match the frequency of the love essence of our soul. Our goal is to achieve inner peace through the experience of the purity of our own being as we merge with the infinite.

Cultivate a Relationship between You and You

The experience of separation occurs in our psyche. When we feel separate from the Divine, we have the thought that we are not loved or lovable. The relationship between the Divine and you is really a relationship between you and you. To cultivate this relationship, feel a sensation in your body, and enjoy it. Keep enjoying something pleasurable that you feel in your body or mind or both. Do not let go of the connection between your attention and your body, feelings and sensations. Do this everyday for 40 days and then continue some more. Increase the time that you give yourself attention.

This is a great exercise to do after healing mediation because it creates some great sensations that you just want to keep feeling. The more we feel the pleasurable sensations, the more we identify with them. The more we love what we feel, the easier it is to stay in this space. This is the foundation for self-love. We can actually feel we are love and we love it.


Self-love and self-healing are really the same process. We use the sound current of the mantra to heal our emotional body. We do this by working with the energy of the emotions. We soothe the conflicted energy with the sound current. In your heart, experience the purity of your essential essence and how it merges and becomes one with the healing mantra. Let this experience pulse through your whole body. Hold this sensation to heal yourself.

Healing Others

Hold the space of unconditional love and acceptance that you have created for yourself and let anyone who you wish to share healing with enter this space of the heart. The more we experience this space in ourselves, the more we have to share with others.

Connecting Earth and Ether

As we consciously reconnect with our body, we realize that our body is the temple, the fine-tuned instrument, and the sensory system of our soul. The more we align in our body, the more we are able to receive and embody universal healing energy. The more we stay consciously connected to the vibration, the more we embody this energy. The more we embody the energy, the more we serve to anchor this healing vibration on the planet.

Healing Expansion and Evolution

Incorporating the following thoughts into your healing ritual and into your general awareness during the day will facilitate your healing process and your contribution to global healing.

Everything is light. Sound is light. We are all reflections of light. And we are light. The more we see everything as light creating light, the more we connect with this reality.

Obviously, there are challenges in life that we do not like and wish to change. One of the most effective ways to create change is to let go of our resistance. Without resistance, change happens quicker and easier. All divine mantras can be used to infuse light into our resistance.

Evolution is the nature of both the human and the cosmic game. God created evolution to not be bored. Creation and evolutions create a dynamic state of stimulation. We are here to learn and transform.

Clearing our inner space and releasing our resistance aligns us with the light. The more light, the easier it is to get support from the Universe. Allowing is the absence of judgment and resistance. Allowing = love. Love is the purity of everything that is, was and will always be. Love includes all. All wants to be included and loved. And so do we all! Start with yourself and see how your love grows to include everyone, the world and the universe.

Musical Versions

One of my favorite versions or Ra Ma Da Sa is the one recorded by Gurunam Singh (Dr. Joseph Michael Levry). This version is especially powerful because it combines the science of Kabbalah with the technology of Kundalini Yoga. It is very healing to infuse your environment with these healing sounds by having this mantra playing in the background. The CD itself is no longer in production, but you can listen to a sound clip from it below.

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