Solar Plexus Chakra



Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located, as its name suggests, between the navel and heart, at the pericardium (below the breasts at the V of the ribs). It's name means "Seat of the Soul", or solar network.

It is associated, in the body with the stomach, with the elements fire and water, and the color deep gold.

Human Challenge and Gift

To transmute the energy of the emotions into soulful passion for life i.e. fear into love, anger into action, sadness into surrender and bliss.

Soul Desire

To experience the depth of emotions and transmute them into passion and devotion. To activate our soul.

Primal Relationship

With our soul and emotional body

Although traditionally there are 7 major chakras, the spine and even our subtle body contain many other chakras. Through meditation on my spine and body I experienced that the solar plexus - the area above the navel and under the heart - contains energy and offers experiences and powers very different from the navel chakra. Explore yourself and see what you can discover.

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