Affordable Kundalini Yoga Books & DVDs

For over 20 years our sponsors, Yoga Technology, have been on a mission, via the Internet, to bring the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to a receptive and appreciative world. Below you will find a representative selection from their vast range of Books and DVDs. All products are offered at very competitive and affordable prices. Currently save 20% on all popular books from KRI Publishing.

Enjoy their friendly and efficient service, with special wholesale deals for teachers and yoga studios. World-wide shipping at economic rates.

To begin exploring their online store, click on any of the following products or links.

Kundalini Yoga Manuals by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - Guru Rattana PhD
The Gift of Womanhood - Guru Rattana PhD
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 2 - Guru Rattana PhD
Your Life is in Your Chakras - Guru Rattana PhD
Kindle version of Transitions to a Heart-Centered World

DVDs and Books for Beginners

Mantras of the Master Yogi Bhajan - Santokh Singh Khalsa DC
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 1 - Guru Rattana PhD
The Flow of Eternal Power - Shakti Parwha Kaur
Kundalini Yoga for Energy Balance - Amir Jaan

Kundalini Yoga Books

The Mind by Yogi Bhajan
Kriya classic Kundalini Yoga sets by Yogi Bhajan
Praana Praanee Praanayam by Yogi Bhajan
Mantra, the Power of the Word - Bibiji Inderjit Kaur
Art, Science and Application of Kundalini Yoga - Nirvair Singh
Owners Manual for the Human Body - Yogi Bhajan
I Am a Woman - Yogi Bhajan
Enlightened Bodies - Nirmal Lumpkin and Japa Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga DVDs

Learn the Gong - Yogi Bhajan
Heal Your Back Now - Nirvair Singh
Kundalini Yoga for a Strong Nervous System - Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur
Advanced Kundalini Yoga for the Spiritual Warrior - Erin Kamler, Mantra Girl
A Journey through the Chakras - Maya Fiennes
Morning Stretch, Evening Relaxation - Nirvair Singh
Physical Training - Yogi Bhajan
Eliminating Inner Anger - Yogi Bhajan

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